Stefano Ettori, astrophysicist


I work on the formation and evolution of Clusters of Galaxies, focusing my activities on two main topics:

  1. +the physical properties of the Intra-Cluster Medium from the core to the outskirts where mass accretion is occurring;

  2. +the use of Galaxy Clusters as cosmological probes through the measurement of their baryonic and dark matter content.

Current main projects:

  1. -CHEX-MATE: 3 Msec with XMM-Newton obtained in the 2017 Multi-year Heritage Program call (PI: M. Arnaud & S. Ettori) to analyze the ultimate sample of 118 Planck SZ-selected objects, comprising an unbiased census of both the population of clusters at the most recent time (z < 0.2) and the most massive objects to have formed thus far in the history of the Universe, to study the culmination of cosmic structure formation;

  2. -X-COP: an XMM-Newton Very Large program dedicated to the study of the X-ray emission in the outskirts of twelve massive local galaxy clusters;

  3. -CLUster Multi-Probes in Three Dimensions (CLUMP-3D): to infer unbiased measurements of mass distribution, intrinsic shape and equilibrium status of galaxy clusters by exploiting rich multi-bands data-sets.

  4. -Guest Editor of Universe Special Issue The Physical Properties of the Groups of Galaxies (2021)

Topics of interests and contributions:

  1. future space missions: Athena related work

  2. the cluster outskirts: X-COP (data); Walker et al. (19 -review), Reiprich et al. (13 -review), Roncarelli et al. (13), Eckert et al. (13a), Eckert et al. (13b), Moretti et al. (11), Ettori & Molendi (11), Moretti et al. (10), Vazza et al. (10), Ettori & Balestra (09), Roncarelli et al. (07)

  1. the cluster cooling cores: Liu et al. (18), Tozzi et al. (15), Doria et al. (12), Ettori et al. (08), Santos et al. (08)

  1. turbulence in the ICM: Angelinelli et al. (20), Roncarelli et al. (18), Cucchetti et al. (18), Gaspari et al. (18)

  1. metal enrichment of the ICM locally and at high-z: Ghizzardi et al. (21), Mernier et al. (20), Mernier et al. (18 -review), Molendi et al. (16), Ettori et al. (15) data, Ettori et al. (13), Baldi et al. (12), Ettori (05), Balestra et al (06), Proceeding - Munich (06)

  1. mass profiles in galaxy clusters: Ettori & Eckert (22), Lovisari et al. (20), Pratt et al. (19 -review), Ettori et al. (17), Donahue et al. (14), Ettori et al. (13 -review), Ettori et al. (10), Donnarumma et al. (10), Donnarumma et al. (09), Ettori et al. (03)

  1. 3D shape of galaxy clusters: CLUMP-3D, Umetsu et al. (18, 15), Limousin et al. (13 -review), Sereno et al. (13)

  1. systematics in cluster mass estimators: Meneghetti et al. (14), Rasia et al. (13), Rasia et al. (12), Meneghetti et al. (09), Rasia et al (06)

  1. scaling relations in galaxy clusters: Lovisari et al. (21 -review), Ettori et al. (20), Ghirardini et al. (17), CoMaLit (Sereno, Ettori et a. 14a, 14b, 15, 17), Generalized Scaling Relations (Ettori 15, 13), XXL, Giodini et al. (13 -review), Ettori et al. (11), Morandi et al. (07), Ettori et al (04a), Ettori et al (04b)

  1. properties in radio bands: Wittor et al. (21), Cuciti et al. (21), Cassano et al. (16), Cassano et al. (10)

  1. cosmology through the cluster baryonic budget, c-M relation & sparsity: Corasaniti et al. (21), Corasaniti et al. (18), Amodeo et al. (16), De Boni et al. (13), Ettori et al. (10), Ettori et al. (09), Review in Shanghai (03), Ettori (03), Ettori et al (06)

  1. cosmology through order & GEV statistics:

    Waizmann et al. (11-13)


Welcome to my homepage

you can find me at

INAF - OAS (Osservatorio di Astrofisica e Scienza dello Spazio) in Bologna

office: 4W4 (4th floor)

address: via P. Gobetti 93/3, 40129

telephone number: +39 051 6357 375

fax number: +39 051 6357 390

email: stefano.ettori(at)  (WEBMAIL, servizi, Openaccess)


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